Ugh. Another Windows error.

Another Windows error that really doesn't tell you what is really wrong; some (most) people aren't nerds. Don't worry, I've got your fix right here. This has to do with memory on your Windows XP system. Have you tried Hibernating or putting your system into standby after upgrading your RAM? If you have, keep on reading.

Alright, while this isn't a very descriptive error message to the average computer user, a simple Google search can have your answer in no time. Microsoft is already aware of the issue, and has released a fix for it. The issue that you are encountering is only on Windows XP with Service Pack 2. When you try to put the computer in hibernation, the computer occasionally does not hibernate; this is also the same for when trying to get your computer to stanby (even though Microsoft doesn't exactly say this). I was able to standby the system about 8 times, and then I got the same error. Also, not only does it not hibernate, but you now do not have the option to even hibernate the computer, and if you go to Control Panel Power Options , the Hibernate tab will also be missing. You have to restart the computer to get any Hibernation option back, and even at that, after the reboot, it will not hibernate and it will give you this same exact error, and it's a never-ending loop.

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Microsoft has nailed this down to when your system has more than 1GB of RAM. This is not also true with all systems, but if you do get this error message, then more than likely this is the reason you are getting the error message. If you have more than 1GB of memory in your system and you aren't getting an error, then good for you.

Either way, if you do get the error message, the fix is just a download away. Download, install, and as always (with Windows), reboot your computer. Should work, it did for me.

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