How Ideals Block Your Effectiveness

Have you ever pictured your ideal vacation or perhaps your ideal holiday celebration? Surely you have a concept of the ideal direct sales or network marketing business.

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However, while you might have thought of the ideal sales presentation, the ideal recruit, or the ideal customer, you probably never considered how those ideals might be getting in the way of you experiencing what you desire in your business.

I'll go ahead and begin with a definition as a reference point.

Ideal: Thought of as perfect or as a perfect model, exactly as one would wish.

Most likely that definition did not jump out and grab you because it is what you expected. What I want you to notice is that from the standpoint of "IDEAL," anything less than ideal is not only seen as something less than perfect, but also as something that is not good enough or not right!

This is where ideals get rather tricky once you attempt to run your business from your ideals it is nearly impossible to experience your customers, your team, and even your company as ideal. In other words, your business will have a difficult time living up to your idea of "the perfect" or "the ideal" business. There will always be something or someone in it to keep you upset and/or dissatisfied .

You are never going to be able to control every situation or person. You can do a brilliantly persuasive demonstration, and the person who ordered $300 of products may cancel her order, if she loses her job the next day. You can be wonderfully supportive of a new recruit, and that individual may become overwhelmed and paralyzed by the personal responsibility required for a home business. You may be a stud at selling a line of products that your company decides to pull from the product line.

Because all of those situations are less than ideal, it is easy to see how situations like that create upset in your perception of your business. Far too often direct sellers and network marketers get stuck and stop their momentum, if they experience disappointment.

However, look at the possibilities that arise when you let go of your ideals and you replace them with values. The following definition might prove useful.

Value: That which is desirable or worthy of esteem for it's own sake. A thing of quality, having intrinsic worth.

A while back I looked at replacing my ideals for values and I experienced a rather remarkable breakthrough. I could not help noticing that from the standpoint of my ideals, our house was less than adequate with it's beat-up baseboards, it's popcorn ceilings, and it's cookie cutter outside appearance. However, by exchanging my ideals of "house" for my values of "home," I quickly realized that the things I value we're clearly expressed Mind, Self-Expression, Fun, and Joy.

The gorgeous musical instruments and the many bookcases in every room readily communicate our family's passion for Mind. The artwork collected from our travels around the world and all of our framed achievements highlight our appreciation of self-expression. The impressive number of board games, puzzles, and sports equipment clearly broadcasts, "Fun activities start here!"

By considering what I valued in a home as opposed to what constituted my ideal house, I realized that my joy filled my home. Do I need to mention that being awake to your joy creates far more possibilities than paying attention to your limitations? When you focus on the specific details of ideals you lose sight of the unlimited possibilities available from values.

As you move full swing into this year, I encourage you to take a moment right now to reflect on the values you wish to express in your business. When I looked at my work and business I knew immediately that I wanted to express Passion, Joy, Fun, and Gratitude .

Certainly I do not expect my values to be the same as yours, but let us pretend for a minute that they were.

If the person who ordered $300 of products calls to cancel her order the following day, your expression of gratitude that she called to tell you right away would most likely leave her with the impression that you are the quintessential professional. When customers start thinking of you as a model professional, can you see how they might feel inclined to tell more people about you?

If a new recruit ends up feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed by the personal responsibility required for a home business, your emphasis on fun and joy may be the magnet that pulls her to attend a monthly meeting, where she ultimately gets what she needs to overcome her initial resistance to personal growth.

If your company decides to pull your favorite product line from it's collection, your commitment to passion for your business and customers could allow you to discover that you have the ability to get fascinated with your company's other products.

Unfortunately, your ideals about the way all orders should transpire, your ideals about "good recruits" and what they look like and what they achieve in their first 30 days, and your ideals about your company's policies and activities all get in the way of you creating and operating a direct sales or network marketing business that leaves you energized and ready to take on the world!

Take a few minutes today to notice some of the ideals you have in your business in the areas of your customers, your sponsor, your recruits, and your company.

Reflect on the times you felt frustrated in any of those areas and how your ideals got in the way by making situations or people wrong because they failed to meet your ideals. Then ponder on the values that would most inspire you in your business and commit to operating your direct sales or network marketing business with those values as your foundation.

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