Review Wrangled and Tangled (Blacktop Cowboys Novel)

With a cover like that what could possibly be wrong with a novel. Its a feast for the eyes and it promises that the book will be a feast for the senses. We have as in all of the Blacktop Cowboys Novels, 2 romance lines, both intertwined but unique, meaning they work together, are friends, but there is no doubt about whom is going to end up with whom, so there's no question about the motivation or affections of one person for another.

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Up first it's Janie and Abe. I love tales of second chances at love. They're always more honest, full of true emotion and depth, the characters are upfront, they know exactly what they're getting into and they have been hurt before and managed to get back to their feet, and find their way back to each other.

Janie moves to Renner's hotel as a corporate trainer for hotel employees and while she is there, runs into her exhusband Abe. Their love didn't work not because of a lack of love but because neither of them we're mature enough to know what the other needed, and didn't take the time, or the effort to try to understand how the other may have felt. Abe wouldn't let Janie make their house into a home, didn't want her to work outside of the house, didn't want to essentially let her be her own person because he was afraid of losing her. And because Janie was afraid of losing Abe she tried to enjoy the box her put her into until she couldn't take it anymore and just left.

Now that they've reunited the sparks are still there and when Abe finds out that Janie has been pursued by a stalker, he makes her move into the old house they shared where he is able to show her how he has changed, grown and matured especially in a sexual way. He's not the same boy he was when she left and BOY does he let her see his new side.

Through their reunification, they are both able to see where they made mistakes, and made choices that would lead to their divorce. I liked seeing how they both recognized their failures and addressed them frankly and openly. It made the thought of their reconciliation realistic and honest. It also made me want to see them together because neither of them had been happy without the other but it was obvious that they needed the time apart in order to discover who they really were.

Onto Renner and Tierney ( I LOVE that name). Renner entered into a, well what turned into a bad deal with Tierney's power hungry ass of a father, and Tierney who has worked for her father, under his thumb, finally got tired of his micromanaging and well him, and decided to take 6 months to help Renner get his hotel profitable, up and running, and sound, before she decides what she wants to do with her life. Tierney never really learned how to interact with the common man, the hotel patrons, so she takes the opportunity to see what life is like on the other side with Renner and his hotel. What she didn't count on was an explosively sexual relationship with Renner and her father turning into even more of an ass than she thought possible.

Renner and Tierney's romance if fraught with missteps and misunderstandings. When you take two strong headed, large personalities, you expect the fireworks, and defensive walls stronger than those at Fort Knox, what you don't expect is the tenderness, the concern, the caring, and the deep emotion.

This was a lovely sexy, explosive, romantic, terrifyingly good novel that I know will end up on my wall to be read over and over again.

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