Ranking a Micro-Niche Website

Having a micro-niche website is not just creating a spammy looking site and hoping to rake in the bucks. Google has been targeting this types of sites and driving them down in the SERPS. So even though I am labeling these MNS, I am actually trying to create blog type sites that Google will see as "thick" and therefore not penalize me in the rankings.

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How I Choose the Right Keywords

I spent time on the Google Keyword tool checking a lot of different keywords. I used a lot of creativity coming up with a bunch of search terms until I hit on my first idea. My first keyword had 1,000 exact monthly searches. There was a closely related, supporting keyword that had almost 3,000 exact monthly searches. The estimate cost per click on both keywords was just over $1.00 which was my benchmark.

The second site is focused on a keyword with 2900 exact searches per month. This website has the most potential for growth as there are tons of supporting keywords all with high searches every month. This is the one that I am most excited about out of the two.

How I Built The Sites

First off I got an EMD for the two main keywords. Then I used WordPress to build the sites. I used different themes for each site so Google doesn't keep seeing the same themes on all of my web properties. I then made each site's landing page a static page with my main article; keeping the keyword density close to 1% but putting the keyword in the right places like H1, Page Title, and photo alt tags.

Then I added the 5 things every blog needs. After that, I setup the blog page and added some good, solid content.

For site 1, I submitted the sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools after I had only 9 URLs total in the sitemap. So it didn't have much content at all.

Site 2, I added all the above but I also added 10 articles into the blog section. Because of the sheer number of supporting keywords, it's going to be very easy to make this site thick in Google's eyes. It may eventually become a cross-over between authority site and micro-niche site.

How I am Monetizing Both Sites

Starting off, I am keeping both sites super simple. I'm adding well-placed adsense ads, of course sticking with text ads. With site 1, we may eventually bring in some Amazon products and maybe some affiliate offers that correspond with the niche.

For site 2, we're starting off with adsense only but I am planning on adding some affiliate product links soon as they fit in very nicely to this niche.

  • Update 1: Ranking Keywords
  • Update 2: Keywords are Climbing
  • Update 3: Site 1 Falling, Site 2 Rising
  • Update 4: Site 2 & 3 Earnings



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