Bloggers get more leads and more business

It is an absolute fact that bloggers get more leads and more business. With this, it has become ever more imperative to have a blog for your business. However, you don't want to have just anything and call it a day. It is very important to have a professional looking blog. One that is aesthetically pleasing, light on ads, and full of content! It is much cheaper than you think to have a professional looking blog that you can profit from!

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So here are 5 steps to take to not only get online, but get a great, professional looking blog.

  1. The first step is to get a domain name. Godaddy has proven to be quite the leader when it comes to domains. They are cheap, dependable and have an easy to use interface to manage multiple domains. My recommendation for your domain is your name with a dash or without. The reason for this is that if your objective changes, you can change the content and not have to change the name.
  2. Webhosting. Having webhosting is important because it gives you complete control. The power to have your own site, as well as many sites as you want for one low price. I find Hostgator to be the best here as they have over 7 million sites hosted and have outstanding customer service.
  3. Install WordPress. Once you have secured your domain and have your hosting, installing WordPress is just a few clicks away. You simply go into your Hostgator account, click on Fantastico Deluxe (the smiley face) and then install WordPress.
  4. Theme. You have your site now, you need a theme. There are thousands of themes out there for WordPress. The one I have chosen is MLMBlogTheme. This theme was created by Ty Tribble and Valik Rudd. It is a fantastic, professional looking theme that operates within WordPress. There is no html, it is literally a drop down menu and you plug in what you want. It could not be simpler!
  5. Plugins. You gotta have them, they make life easy and help your blog's professionalism. I will go more into those in another post.
  6. Start Posting! You have made it, time to start posting!

There are a few more things that are needed, but this will get you well on your way to creating a professional blog site. Start posting in your niche and go get them!

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