Alex Gordon Making Better Contact

Way better. It's great to see Alex Gordon putting his bat on the ball. He has 8 doubles in 63 Abs. He had 10 doubles in 242 AB last year and 6 in 164 AB the year before. He only has 1 home run, which I'll only complain about for fantasy purposes, but he's having an incredible start to the season. There may be a noticeable reason for that, and it seems to be his ability to make contact.

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Something interesting is on Fan Graphs, he never hit Sliders well, his best year against them was 0.8 runs above average before this year. Hes currently hitting them for 2.3 runs above average. Hes also hitting changeups much better, curveballs slightly better, though cutters and split fingered fastballs worse. This could all even out, but it seems like he's seeing the ball a little bit better.

The most interesting find though might be his Outside the Zone Swing% and Contact%. Hes swinging at pitches outside the zone at a range of 9.1% to 12.3% more than any previous year, 10.1% on average. He happens to be making contact with those pitches at a range of 8.7% to 20% more often, 15.6% on average. Hes swinging no more often inside the zone but making contact 3.5% to 4.6% more often, 3.7% on average. So interestingly he's now above average in both contact categories and overall contact, when he was historically below average, while his swinging strikes are still just about average, improved over 2007-2009. Could this be the most telling thing about his hot start? Before he had a long slow swing and didn't make good contact, but that seems to have changed. I don't think he'll keep up this batting average, but I do think he'll walk more and maintain power. Maybe it's not smoke and mirrors this time.

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